NTA has published NEET 2021 Physics Syllabus on its official website. Physics section carries 25% weightage out of 180 total marks of NEET 2021 exam. To check the NEET 2021 syllabus, you have to visit nta neet.nic.in.

Since NEET (UG) is now the only examination for admission in medical institutes in India, hence, the difficulty level might reduce. But to secure admission in a top-tier medical course, you have to solve NEET previous years question papers and sample papers with utmost dedication. It will also help you to understand the weightage of the questions of each section.

3 subjects are assessed in the examination – Physics, Chemistry, Biology. NCERT books of class 11th and 12th for each subject are extremely important while preparing for NEET 2021. Specifically, NEET 2021 Physics Syllabus is considered to be the toughest among the three subjects.

So, what should be the first step to start your NEET 2021 preparation? To begin with, aspirants should know the syllabus of each subject. Even though the NEET 2021 syllabus has not been announced this year, it is expected to be same as 2020.

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NEET 2021 Physics Syllabus – Overview

NEET 2021 Physics syllabus is directly taken from what students study in their Class 11 and 12 NCERT textbooks. NEET Physics syllabus given below is always recommended.

NEET Physics Syllabus for Class 11  NEET Physics Syllabus for Class 12
Physics World and Measurement Electrostatics
Kinematics Current Electricity
Laws of Motion Magnetic Effects of Current and Magnetism
Work, Energy and Power Electromagnetic Induction and Alternating Currents
Motion of System of Particles and Rigid Body Electromagnetic Waves
Gravitation Optics
Properties of Bulk Matter Dual Nature of Matter and Radiation
Thermodynamics Atoms and Nuclei
Behaviour of Perfect Gas and Kinetic Theory Electronic Devices
Oscillation and Waves

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NEET 2021 Physics Syllabus: Class XI 

UNIT I: Physical World and Measurement

UNIT II: Kinematics

UNIT III: Laws Of Motion

UNIT IV: Work, Energy, and Power

UNIT V: Motion of System of Particles and Rigid Body

UNIT VI: Gravitation

UNIT VII: Properties of Bulk Matter

UNIT VIII: Thermodynamics

UNIT IX: Behavior of Perfect Gas and Kinetic Theory

UNIT X: Oscillations and Waves

NEET 2021 Physics Syllabus: Class XII 

UNIT I: Electrostatics

UNIT II: Current Electricity

UNIT III: Magnetic Effects Of Current And Magnetism

UNIT IV: Electromagnetic Induction and Alternating Currents

UNIT V: Electromagnetic Waves

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UNIT VI: Optics

UNIT VII: Dual Nature Of Matter And Radiation

UNIT VIII: Atoms And Nuclei

UNIT IX: Electronic Devices

The whole NEET 2021 Physics syllabus PDF is downloadable and you can refer to the official document provided by NTA here. Or students can print this page using Ctrl+P and keep this as a reminder of the long list of topics they have to prepare for!

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Weightage of Important Topics in NEET 2021 Physics Syllabus 

Some topics of NEET 2021 Physics Syllabus are more important than others as they are repeatedly asked in the NEET previous year question papers. Some of the important topics of NEET Physics Syllabus are mentioned in the table below-NEET 2021 Physics Syllabus

NEET Physics Important Chapters Weightage in NEET Physics Syllabus
Laws of Motion 15%
System of Particle and Rigid Body 14%
Thermodynamics 14%
Magnetic Effect of Current and Magnetism 12%
Current Electricity 13%
Semiconductor Electronics 12%
Atoms and Nuclei 10%
Ray Optics and Optical Instrument 10%

Most Important Chapters of NEET 2021 Physics Syllabus

Physics syllabus for NEET is vast, and you cannot skip any major topic. Specifically, the NEET previous year question papers for Physics had about 19 questions from the class XI syllabus and around 26 questions from class XII syllabus. Therefore, it is essential to cover all the chapters that are mentioned in the official NEET 2021 Physics Syllabus.

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Very Important Topics of NEET Physics Syllabus

Electronic Devices
Heat and Thermodynamics
Laws of Motion
Magnetic effect of Current and Magnetism
Oscillations and Waves

Moderately Important Topics of NEET Physics Syllabus

Atoms and Nuclei
Current Electricity
Dual Nature of Matter and Radiation
Electromagnetic Induction
Motion of System of Particles and Rigid Body
Work, Energy & Power

Less Important Topics of NEET Physics Syllabus

Alternating Current
Behavior of Perfect Gas and Kinetic Theory
Electromagnetic Waves
Physical World and Measurement
Properties of Bulk Matter

The major point to be noted is that the questions were mostly from the topics covered in the NCERT books based on the analysis of the last year question paper. Here the important topics of NEET Physics syllabus from which the questions are mostly asked in exam-

Number of Questions Expected from Various Topics

Topics of Physics Syllabus for NEET 2021 No of Questions Expected
Mechanics 19
Electrodynamics 9
Modern Physics 7
Optics and Wave Optics 5
Thermodynamics 5

Chapter-wise difficulty in NEET 2021 Physics Syllabus 

Given below is an analysis of difficulty of questions bifurcated chapter-wise. As the table below suggests, NEET Physics Syllabus requires deep knowledge of each topic. Specifically, the number of easy questions has completely vanished in the past few years. Considerably, almost all the questions in NEET Physics are moderate or tough. Furthermore, the major getaway from this is that due to a higher difficulty level, competition in NEET is saturated towards the top 10% to 20% of the candidates only.

Unit Number of Questions Easy Moderate Difficult
Mechanics 17 0 16 1
Heat and Thermodynamics 3 0 3 0
Properties of matter 3 0 2 1
Electrostatics and Capacitor 4 0 4 0
Current Electricity 3 0 3 0
Magnetism, Magnetic Effect of Current and AC 5 0 4 1
Modern Physics 6 0 5 1
Ray and Way Optics 4 0 4 0
Total 45 0 41 4

NEET 2021 Physics Syllabus: Preparation Tips

NEET Physics syllabus is considered as difficult due to confusing patterns and also because it includes a wide range of scientific principles and numerical problems. Again, the top experts will not deny this fact. Hence, you should clear your concept first. Afterward, to cover the whole syllabus from 0 to 100, the students should follow a strategy.

Some Useful NEET 2021 Preparation Tips for Physics Syllabus

Best Books for NEET 2021 Preparation of Physics Syllabus 

We have listed some important books to prepare aspirants for a strong base in NEET 2021 Physics syllabus subsequently. However, remember that this list is not exhaustive. You can refer to other books too if you find them useful.

Book Author
Physics for Medical Entrance Examinations D.C. Pandey
Concepts of Physics H.C. Verma
Fundamentals of Physics Halliday, Resnick and Walker
Objective NCERT at your fingertips for NEET AIIMS- Physics MTG Editorial Board
Complete NEET Guide MTG Editorial Board
NEET 2020 Physics Guide- 5th Edition Disha Publications

According to a large number of medical aspirants and experts, Physics is comparatively more tricky and conceptual based. Hence, this is the reason why most of the candidates find the NEET Physics questions toughest than the other two sections. For example, the NEET 2021 appearing candidates are advised to practice questions with the low to heavy calculations to improve their performance in the examination.

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