National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) 2021 is just around the corner. It is time to give your 100% to the preparation of this tough entrance exam to secure a seat in a top medical institute. These last few weeks must completely be devoted to the revision of the NEET syllabus. Now, the revision doesn’t just mean going through the entire syllabus again, a thorough revision process involves much more. Here are a few Last minute revision tips for Neet to help you achieve a high score in NEET 2021

How to do last minute revision tips for Neet?

  1. Identify the Right Time for Revision

It is essential to identify a time when you can concentrate best and focus completely on your studies. Early morning hours are considered best for revision but that is after a good night’s sleep. If you stay awake late and feel sleepy and lethargic in the morning then studying during those hours wouldn’t help as you will not be able to grasp well.

  1. Use Hand Written Notes

Juggling between guidebooks and study material during these last few days would be a complete waste of time. It is time to shut all these away and use your handwritten notes for revision. Read and re-read these notes over and over again to memories your lessons well.

  1. Highlight the Important Points

As you revise from your handwritten notes, it is advised to highlight the important points to focus on the same. You may even jot down the important points separately to shorten the notes further. This will ease and quicken your revision process moving forward.

  1. Assess Your Knowledge

The thorough revision does not just involve reading and mugging up lessons, it also includes assessing your knowledge from time to time. You must thus the Previous Question paper and give mock tests regularly. It is advised to give at least two mock tests each day. This will not only help identify your weak areas but will also help enhance your speed.

  1. Go for Group Studies

Another way to assess your knowledge and revise your lessons is to go for group studies. You may go for the same for a few hours once a week. Besides helping you revise your lessons, this also helps break the monotony.

  1. Work on Your Weak Areas

Don’t just give mock tests and forget. Analyze your performance properly and work on the areas you couldn’t score well. Focus on those areas and brush them up. Get in touch with your teachers or refer to your guidebooks to clarify your doubts and strengthen your preparation.

These tips are simple but extremely helpful. Follow these and do let us know how they helped in your revision process!

Hope the above information helps you in cracking NEET. All the best!

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